Voguelover-Borndeadfit Jun 08, 2024

Artist Spotlight Gorchart:

Follow us into the world of tattoo artistry and illustration with Silvia, better known to you as Gorcha or @gorchart, She stands as a beacon of boundless creativity and fearless self-expression. Born in Latvia and nurtured in Spain, her journey as an artist began long before she could even remember.

Drawing, for Gorcha, wasn‘t just a hobby - it was a lifeline. „I can‘t recall any time in my life when I wasn‘t drawing,“ she reflects. „I‘ve always been better at expressing myself with art than with words.“

Throughout her teenage years, Gorcha found solace in her sketchbook, channeling her anxieties and emotions onto paper. „Drawing became my emotional outlet,“ she shares. „I knew I could pour all my anxieties and other feelings on paper, and it would make me feel better.“

As she entered adulthood, Gorcha‘s passion for art only deepened. Though her journey into tattooing faced hurdles, she refused to be deterred. „I want to tattoo, but I want to paint, and I want to make concept art, and to make a comic,“ she declares. „I don‘t have to be just one thing, and I don‘t want to.“

Today, Gorcha‘s eclectic body of work spans across mediums, from tattooing to painting, graphic design to concept art. „People say that a jack of all trades is master of none, but I say fuck them,“ Gorcha boldly declares. „I pour my soul into whatever I do and I love creating art in so many different ways.“

At ‘’VOGUELOVER-BORNDEADFIT” , we‘ve had the privilege of collaborating with Gorcha for many years, witnessing firsthand the brilliance and passion she brings to every project. Join us as we celebrate her indomitable spirit and the vibrant tapestry of her artistry.


Broken Dreams - Oversized Hoodie

The „Broken Dreams“ Oversized Hoodie is a haunting masterpiece we created with @gorchatattoo. Enigmatic and occult, it features a goth girl with a serpent winding through her visible ribcage.

The snake, symbolizing transformation, winds through the exposed ribcage - a powerful representation of shedding constraints. Each scale echoes resilience, and every vertebra signifies a step into the unknown.

This design is an incantation against societal norms, a visual symphony of darkness and defiance. The goth girl, crowned with thorns, channels the snake‘s mystical energy, whispering secrets of rebellion.

Within broken dreams lies the power to create anew.


Bitter Sweet - Oversized T-Shirt

The „Bitter Sweet“ Oversized T.Shirt, a visual masterpiece by @gorchatattoo, unveils a dark Holy Mary amidst religious symbolism and edgy art. No God, No Religion boldly declares spiritual independence, while Defeat Conformity calls for societal mold-shattering.

This design encapsulates defiance—an assertive girl, crowned with thorns and demonic horns, sheds bloody tears as a visual protest. Wires entwining thebackground symbolize life‘s complexities.

The second panel features a hand gripping a blood-dripping apple, a nod tobiblical tales and the poisoned fruit of rebellion. More than apparel, this hoodieis a testament to rebellious spirits, celebrating the unapologetically dark.

Rejecting gods and religions, defeating conformity - bold statements wrapped in rebellious art.